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Powder Hounds is a Full Service Dog Grooming Salon in Downtown Steamboat Springs, CO

*The following are pricing estimates. Pricing may vary due to regularity of visits, temperament of dog, size of dog, and the condition of their coat.

Fluff and Puff

Bath with All Natural Shampoo-chosen specifically for your dog's hair and/or skin type, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nail Trim, Pad Trim, and Ear Cleaning, De-shed Treatment (only for dogs that shed!) and light feather trim if necessary (feather trims are mainly for sporting breeds and include a trim on the front legs, belly and rear haunches).

*The following are pricing estimates. Pricing may vary due to regularity of visits, temperament of dog, size of dog, and the condition of their coat.

Small Dogs  $38-48*

yorkie, shih tzu, maltese, etc. 

Large Breeds $68*

golden retreivers, doodles, poodles, aussies

Medium Dogs $58*

mini golden doodles, mini labradoodles

X-Large Breeds $105-125*

bernese, st. bernards, newfoundland, great pyrenees


Dapper Dog

Everything included in the Fluff and Puff Package (see above) plus a full body haircut, styled with clippers and finishing work with shears. This is your full body haircut package! 

*The following are pricing estimates. Pricing may vary due to regularity of visits, temperament of dog, size of dog, and the condition of their coat.

Small Dogs  $58*

yorkie, shih tzu, maltese, etc. 

Large Breeds $98*

golden retreivers, goldendoodles, poodles, aussies

XLarge Breeds $125-140*

berners, st. bernards, newfoundland, Great Pyrenees--most of these dogs typically do not need a full body haircut but occasionally because it is easier maintenance or if the dog is severely matted and not able to be brushed out, we will give them haircuts all over

specialized haircuts add $10

clean (shaved) face, clean (shaved) feet, mohawks, lion's mane, etc on any breed

Medium Dogs $78*

mini golden doodles, small labradoodles

Large-XLarge Breeds $108*

sheepadoodles, bernedoodles, XL goldendoodles, OE sheepdogs

Haircuts longer than 1 inch long add $10 

we love leaving your pup long and fluffy but it does require extra time bathing, drying, and hand scissoring. as long as he is not matted, we can do this special service for you!

Spa Dawg

Treat your pup to a day at the spa with the most pimp spa treatment. Add this to either the Fluff and Puff or Dapper Dog package. Includes calming Aromatherapy, a 10 Minute Bath Massage, Teeth Brushing, and the nourishing Hot Oil treatment or the exfoliating and stimulating Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath. 

Small/Medium Breeds +$15
Large/XLarge +$20

Wedding Package

Spruce up your ring bearer before the big day! Add this to any of the bathing packages. Includes nails filed down (so as not to scratch family and friends when being held in their laps!), hot oil treatment (all the better to pet you with, my pretty), all topped off with the cutest little bowtie of your color choice (black, white, pink, purple, orange, blue)

All Breeds $15

Very Important Puppy Package

The best way to introduce your new puppy to grooming! It's extremely helpful to slowly introduce your curious puppy to the groomer, which is why we created this package. First session is Free. Each session includes Puppy Conditioning, in which we use the process of introduction to all tools and processes through smell, sound, sight, and touch. Sessions are as follows:

1. First Introductory SESSION--the puppy spends some time at the salon, getting used to the noises and smells, being on the grooming table and in the tub, being handled  and brushed by the groomer and hearing the sound of the high velocity blowdryer. We will play with his feet a little and introduce him to what it will be like to get groomed. This session typically will only take about 15-20 mins.  


2. Fluff and Puff (bath and blow dry) We like to schedule this session about a week after the first introductory session so the puppy still remembers coming in here and what it was like. In this session, your puppy gets introduced to the bathing and drying process through a repeat of the smell, sound, sight and touch process. This session typically takes about 2 hours, depending on the dog. We take our time here to make sure the puppy gets to explore these processes and does not become over stimulated. If you'd like to add on a face/feet/fanny trim,  a feather trim, or a full haircut to this session, we can also do that--it just would depend on your puppy's comfort level and if he is ready for the hair cut. 

We do recommend you wait until your puppy has had all his shots so that it's safe to be around other dogs, which is typically around 16 weeks. After that, especially for doodles, it's important to get him in as soon as possible to get him used to the grooming process, even if it is just for baths. Please do not wait until your doodle is already one year old and has never had a haircut and has matting! This is an essential part of owning a doodle. It is up to you, the owner, to make this a good experience!

Cost depends on type of dog and size at time of appointment, but the First Introductory Session part of the package is always free! Please call for a price estimate on your VIP package. 

All Breeds TBD

Exercise Package

Need to leave your dog for more than one hour after we have finished grooming? We've got you covered. Your dog will be treated to a walk on the bike path, a treat bag, and plenty of water. To keep stress levels to a minimum in the shop, we typically ask that your pup be picked up within an hour of us finishing the groom. However, we totally understand that sometimes you are caught up on the mountain cruising through some of our champagne powder, or stuck at a work meeting, or at your kid's soccer game. We created this package just for your and your peace of mind. Your pup will be taken care of while at our shop.

*Please do not leave your dog for more than 4 hours after finishing the groom. We do not have space to keep your pup here all day. 

one dog $15
two dogs $20

Services offered as an Add-On to Any Bath/Grooming Package

Exercise Package $15 or $20 for 2 dogs

Neighborhood walk, treat, and water, best for dogs that have to stay longer than 2 hours after being finished groomed

Anal Glands Expression $5

All Breeds

Wedding Package $20

Nails filed down (so as not to scratch friends and family!) and the hot oil treatment (all the better to pet you with, my pretty), all topped off with a cute little bowtie of your choice color (black, white, pink, orange, red, purple)

Hot Oil Treatment $15

Deeply nourishes dry coat and skin, restores softness and shine to the coat, perfect treatment for dry winter skin

10 Minute Bath Massage $10

Massage is proven to help increase circulation, ease arthritis, relieve joint stiffness and soreness, and detoxify

Hot Spot Foam Treatment $5

Soothing aloe, tea tree oil and chamomile foam to relieve itching and promote healing

Nail Polish $15

All Breeds


This is generally for poodles and doodles and any dog with hair (not fur) that want a longer, fluffier looking haircut. Longer hair takes much more time to wash, dry, and cut; it also requires more hand scissoring. As long as your pup is not matted, we are happy to give him a longer cut!

Teeth Brushing $5

All Breeds

CBD for Pets $5

Natural Path Omega 3 and CBD Oil for Pets placed in pet's mouth, vet recommended and proven to ease anxiety and stress in your pet

Just the Bowtie $5

All Breeds

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath $15

Therapeutic treatment that detoxifies, clarifies, exfoliates and naturally reduces shedding; the high concentration of minerals relaxes muscles, eases pain, and stimulates circulation, excellent for arthritis, anxiety, and dandruff

Pad and/or Elbow Salve Treatment $5

Ointment for dry or cracked foot pads and elbows

Custom Temporary Hair Color $15 and up

(Pink mohawk anyone?)

Specialized hair cut $10 and up

(clean (shaved) feet, clean (shaved) face, mohawk, lion's mane, etc) any breed

Individual Services (no bath)

These are offered as drop-in services. You may stop by anytime during business hours without an appointment.

Nail Trim $15
teeth brushing $10
Anal Gland Expression $15


Cancellation & Punctuality Policy

This is an appointment based grooming salon. We do our very best to have your pets groomed as quickly, comfortably, and beautifully as possible. We respect your time and the time your pet spends in here and we hope that you can do the same for us. 


Because we are holding your appointment slot for you, a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will still be charged in full for the appointment. If you miss 2 appointments without notifying us, that is terms for us to terminate our client relationship with you if we so choose. 


There will be a $15 late fee added to any appointment showing up more than 15 minutes after the time scheduled and $1/minute thereafter. If you are later than that, we may not be able to get your dog groomed and you will be charged in full for a missed appointment. 

If you need to leave your dog for more than an hour after he has finished his groom, let us know and we will schedule your pup for the Exercise Package (see above for description). Please do not leave your pup here for more than half a day because even though we love spending time with your pup, we are not a daycare facility and do not have the space to keep your dog all day. 


Thank you so much for your understanding and support in making happy and calm pets and people!

Please see all our Client Policies for more information on dropping off, picking up, and getting your dog groomed on our Client Policies Page. And don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 970-846-8335 

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