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Client policies

Important Information for all clients to know before dropping off your dog. 

Three French Bullgod Puppies



This is an appointment based grooming salon. We do our very best to have your pets groomed as quickly, comfortably, and beautifully as possible. We respect your time and the time your pet spends in here and we hope that you can do the same for us. 

Because we are holding your appointment slot for you, a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will still be charged in full for the appointment. If you miss 2 appointments without notifying us, that is terms for us to terminate our client relationship with you if we so choose. 

There will be a $15 late fee added to any appointment showing up more than 15 minutes after the time scheduled and $1/minute thereafter. If you are later than 15 minutes, we may not be able to groom your dog that day and you will be charged in full for your missed appointment. 




Before dropping your pet off to be groomed, it is your responsibility to leave enough time for yourself to take him out to go potty. Grooming can be stressful for some dogs and we don’t want to add to their stress by not knowing that they have not been taken out to relieve themselves in several hours.

Also, if your pet is acting anxious when you drop him off, please try to refrain from coddling him, squeezing him, or delaying leaving. The best thing to do is talk to him in a calm voice, allow one of the groomers to secure him and leave confidently with one wave goodbye. Dogs feed off of their owner’s emotions and if you get anxious when he gets anxious, it creates a bad cycle of everyone being nervous. You need to be the leader for your pet and show him you are comfortable and confident in leaving him at the grooming salon.




Please let the Powder Hounds Team know if your pet has any medical issues that we should be aware of such as heart conditions, collapsing trachea, epilepsy, food allergies, blindness, deafness, tumors, skin issues, etc. We will always do our best to allow your pet to have a safe and comfortable grooming experience and knowing about any issues ahead of time can help in that process.




In the state of Colorado, your pet is required to have a rabies vaccination that is up to date. All other vaccinations should be kept up to date by your veterinarian’s recommendations. Please remember that not being up to date on vaccinations and bringing your pet in to a space with other dogs puts everyone at risk. Let us know if you are not up to date on your pet’s vaccinations. If your pet seems to be not feeling well or acting differently than normal, please call us to reschedule their appointment for a time after you have taken them to see the vet.




If you need to leave your dog for more than an hour after he has finished his groom, let us know and we will schedule your pup for the Exercise Package. Please do not leave your pup here for more than half a day because even though we love spending time with your pup, we are not a daycare facility and do not have the space to keep your dog all day. 




If your pet comes in with a level of matting that we are not able to brush through or that will cause undue stress and discomfort to your dog, he will need to be shaved. We will let you know if this is that case before doing so. There is an added fee for matted dogs ranging from $10-50 extra depending on size and severity of matting.

Please be aware that we will always do our best to take care when shaving a matted pet, but shaving a matted coat does raise the risk of small cuts or slight razor burn happening, especially if the dog is not used to being groomed or is a senior dog or a puppy. As the owner, you assume all responsibility for any of these risks happening when you bring in a matted pet to be groomed.

At Powder Hounds Grooming Salon, we recommend you bring your pet in every 4-6 weeks to keep the coat and skin in a healthy condition and to prevent matting.




Please let us know if your dog is aggressive towards other animals or towards humans—whether that is only for grooming or at any other time. Being aware of an aggressive tendency can be the difference between getting caught off guard and getting bit or not. If we have not been told that your dog is aggressive and he does bite someone or another dog, you will be fully responsible for any vet and/or medical bills.

If your pet is aggressive during the groom, there will likely be an additional “High Risk Fee” added to the groom. Cost will be dependent on size of dog and level of risk but will likely range anywhere from $15-50 extra.




In the case that we find lice, fleas, or any other infectious parasites on your pet, we will stop the grooming immediately. We will call you to let you know what we found and your pet will need to be picked up within an hour of that call in order to prevent the spread to any other animals in our care.

We will refer you to a veterinarian, which is the best way to get rid of all stages of any bugs or parasites. Your vet will let you know when your pet will be cleared to be around other animals again. As soon as you know, please give us a call to set up another appointment and we will try our best to get your pet in as close to that time frame as possible.




We always do our very best to provide a safe and comfortable grooming experience for every pet that comes in our doors. However, we are humans and we are working with sharp objects on live animals that don’t always understand the words to “stay still”. If an accident should occur at Powder Hounds Grooming Salon, we will immediately inform you of what happened.

If you feel your pet was injured in our care, please call us to let us know within 48 hours of your appointment. Powder Hounds Grooming Salon will only be able to investigate a claim of liability if it is made within 48hrs.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us  by email or call us at 970-846-8335. 

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