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The Value of Regular Appointments

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The Value of Regular Appointments

When clients ask me how often their dog should come in, I often tell them every six weeks. Really, the optimal range is anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on the dog’s fur/hair and the amount of time the owner is able to devote to brushing to the dog’s fur, but I really prefer the 6 weeks. And here’s why:

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1. It’s an easier groom for the dog—quicker in and out times, not as many mats needing to be brushed out and not as many times being shampooed.

2. The relationship between the dog and groomer is strong. The more often the dog sees the groomer, the more face time they have, creating more trust between the two.

3. It costs less. If a dog comes in with a bunch of mats, it takes the groomer longer to groom the dog, which in turn ends up costing the owner more money. If it’s an easy wash and cut, you will pay the minimal price. *Learn about our Stellar Steamboat Locals Program below!

4. It’s less scary. If a dog comes into the salon twice a year and each time he comes in, he is severely matted and needs to be shaved down, what type of association do you think the dog will build with going to the groomer? Pain and discomfort and a long time being away from mom and dad. If the dog is coming in every 6 weeks and it’s a quick shampoo and blow dry and sometimes a quick shampoo, blow dry and a trim, the dog associates grooming with going to see his fun friend the groomer, getting treats and possibly going for a walk to show off afterwards. :)

5. It creates consistency. Dogs like routine, just as a routine is good for children. Consistency creates a feeling of a stable environment for the dog.

Have you heard about our Stellar Steamboat Locals Program? A Stellar Steamboat Local is someone who has been to the salon at least once before and has shown up on time for all their appointments. Stellar Locals re-book at the end of their current appointment, for another appointment within 12 weeks of the current date and instantly receive $5 off. This is a big thank you from the Powder Hounds Grooming Salon for being so outstanding!

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