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Dog Grooming Q & A--Senior Dog Grooming

My senior dog is going blind and having a hard time getting around. She doesn't enjoy being groomed anymore. Should I just wait until she is really matted to take her in to be groomed?

No. Please don't wait until your senior is matted. Matting makes the grooming process much more difficult, especially on a dog that doesn't enjoy being groomed.

Here are some things you can try that may help your #seniordog with the grooming process:

1. You may want to try to space out your appointments a little bit more (1-2 weeks more as long as that doesn't incur matting).

2. If your vet prescribes it for arthritis, you can give them rimadyl to help with the difficulty of being on their feet for an extended period of time. We like to give the dog a break or 2 between the grooming to help with this as well, so you can plan on the appointment taking longer.

3. Modify the haircut. A shorter, all over haircut may be easier to maintain than a longer, fancy haircut. It will also be a faster cut for the groomer, thus reducing the dog's time spent standing. If you have a poodle, consider not shaving their feet or face any more. Most poodles do not tolerate this very well the older they get.

4. CBD is also a helpful supplement for anxiety and for pain relief. Give them the appropriate dosage before coming to the groom shop. If it is edible, it needs about an hour to be digested and start working. If it is droplets, typically takes about 30 minutes to take effect.

If your dog is hardly able to remain standing for longer than 10 minutes, getting him groomed is probably not in his best interests and may not be safe. It may be a better time to love on him and keep him as comfortable as possible.

Have questions about getting your senior pet groomed? Give us a call, we can chat about your specific dog's needs. 970-846-8335

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