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Dog Grooming Q & A--Puppy Grooming

My puppy is 4 months old and has had all her shots but doesn't need any trimming yet and I can bathe her myself in the tub. When should I start bringing her in to be groomed?

We recommend you start them as soon as possible after 4 months, especially if this will be a dog that needs regular grooming throughout their life. The sooner you can start introducing the grooming process to your puppy, the easier it will be for them to adjust to it. The longer you wait, typically, the harder it is to get them to enjoy it. As a groomer, I can truly see the difference between a dog that was introduced to grooming as a puppy and a dog that didn't see a groomer until a year old or older. And the grooming process is especially hard if you wait until your dog is matted and have that as their first grooming experience.

Also, giving your puppy a bath in the tub at home is helpful and it is a similar experience but not exactly how it will be at the groomer's. At the salon, your puppy will be without you, the owner, and will be blow dried with professional equipment (we use a high velocity blow dryer that is made for dogs, not a human blow dryer). So, it's important they have a grooming experience in a salon.

At Powder Hounds, we have a FREE puppy introductory 15 minute session to be able to show your pup what the equipment sounds like, feels like, smells like. It is also a good time to introduce them to being without you, the owner, for a bit, without it being so long that it is scary. Don't wait! Schedule your puppy for a grooming appointment today. If they don't need any trimming, just a bath, blow dry, and brush out is plenty for the first groom.

Have more questions about getting your puppy groomed? Give us a call to chat about your pet's specific needs at 970-846-8335.



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