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Skunked! Here's your solution.

My Dog Got Skunked!

Early spring is when skunks mate each year, which means they are more active and out searching for their mates. It also means that about two months from now, there will be baby skunks running around, with fierce mamas protecting them. This is the time of the year that your dog is most likely to get sprayed by a skunk. The infamous skunk scent is sprayed out from their anal glands, which produce a thick, oily fluid that can cause irritation and even temporary blindness. Because this fluid is oily, it is important to not instantly run water all over your dog when sprayed by a skunk, because this will only help to spread the scent.

**Do Not bring your dog into your favorite groomer—my greatest apologies, but I can not take a skunked dog into my tub, on the chance that some of that oil gets on the tub and then onto the next dog.**

Here is what to do:

If your pup gets sprayed, if you can, keep him outside until you have prepared the following solution, as the skunk spray can rub off on the carpet, couch, or other pieces of furniture (or clothing) inside.

Mix: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 tsp liquid dishwashing soap in a large bowl

Throw on some rubber gloves to save your hands from smelly skunky, and rub the mixture thoroughly through his fur.

Let sit for just a couple minutes—any longer and the peroxide could dye the coat and it can irritate the skin.

Rinse thoroughly. Make sure, because, like I said it can irritate the skin if left on.

Shampoo regularly, and rinse thoroughly.

Towel dry and if it’s chilly, you may want to blow dry.

This procedure will rid your dog of most of the smell. However, there is nothing I’ve found that totally rids of the scent. A good idea is to keep brushing your dog, encouraging dead hair to release out of the coat, which will be replaced with new hair, that doesn’t smell like skunk. Eventually it will be gone.

Good luck!




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