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FREE Hot Oil Treatment February

I'm spreading the Love for your dog(s) this month with a FREE Hot Oil Treatment with any groom.

Does your dog have dry winter skin and/or dandruff? In these winter months that have been so dry and cold, it is common for your dog to be experiencing itchy or flakey skin. Bring your dog in for a FREE All Natural Hot Oil Treatment with any groom. This Valentine's month's treatment is a $10-$15 value (depending on dog size), consisting of a warm oil massage, which moisturizes and exfoliates the dog's skin and restores shine and softness to the coat. Only valid for the month of February!

And I want to thank YOU for sharing the love with your friends! $10 Grooming Credit.

Thank you all for referring your friends to Powder Hounds. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Word of mouth is truly the best form of promotion. I want to thank you by giving you $10 OFF your dog's next groom for each referral you give. Some of you already have credit! Each person that gives your name as a referral earns you $10 in grooming credit. Please keep spreading the word!



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