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Dog Jackets & Dog Sweaters for Whatever Your Style-- Classy, Cozy, or Playful

Colder temperatures can be difficult for small dogs but also for older dogs who may have arthritis. Keep your dog warm and comfortable this winter with one of these jackets. I created a list of fantastic options of any style jacket your dog may need. If it's not on this list, you may be able to find one you like from one of these websites! Or, if you are shopping locally, Paws and Claws and Outdoor K9 are stocking up on jackets and have some great options as well. Enjoy!

1.Powder Hound by Ruffwear

This is THE Powder Hound jacket! For the serious outdoorsman (or woman). Synthetic insulation on the top with technical stretch fabric on the bottom for a high-performance fit. Short sleeves that reach to about the elbow for maximum warmth. Pricey but worth it if you are out in cold, snowy weather for extended periods of time. $89.95

2. Trekking Dog Jacket by Gooby

Fleece on the inside, water resistant nylon on the outside, plus a cinch close waist, so no scoops of snow sneaking inside the jacket. Plus lots of fun colors! Ranging from $21 - $31 depending on size.

3. North Country Dog Coat with LED Safety Light

I love this one because of the built in flashing LED light. It also has a zipper that can work with a harness or a leash—very versatile! Made from durable rip-stop with fleece on the inside. $45.

4. Antartica Sweater

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Snowflake design on the sweater with a penguin hoodie. Oh my goodness. $39

5. Bunny Hoodie​​

For some reason I love the animal sweaters. This sweater has bunny ears and a bunny tail. Gray sweater with black and white zig zag design. $33-$47 depending on size

6. Skull Mohawk Dog Hoodie by Hip Doggie

For those of you who think dressing your dog up like a bunny rabbit is silly, here’s something a little more edgy. Terry lined sweatshirt with faux fur hawk and skull embroidered patch. $37.50

7. Avery Cashmere Sweater

For the classy dog owner. Cable pattern, ribbed scarf and elegant button detail. Made from a luxurious and soft cashmere blend. $35

8. Dapper Diamond Sweater​​

For the grandpa in all of us. Sewn in scarf and heather cashmere sweater in argyle design. $35



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