Cat Grooming Q & A

Do cats actually need to be groomed?

Yes, cats do benefit from being groomed and from getting baths! Most people think cats groom themselves by licking, but that’s just licking—it’s not taking the dirt, oil, and extra fur out of their hair. And any fur that does come out usually ends up being ingested, resulting in the dreaded fur ball barf. Just like dogs, cats can benefit from brushing, bathing, and sometimes trimming, whether their fur is long or short. And most cats love being clean.

It’s not healthy to let your cat get matted fur. Both long and short haired cats need to be brushed and bathed regularly to prevent the matting, but it’s especially important in long haired breeds. Do not wait until your cat is severely matted to bring him in for his first groom. The cat will already be stressed from the matting and taking him in to a new environment for a new experience will increase the stress. It is also harder for the groomer to shave the mats out if this is the cat’s first time. When you get a cat (whether you buy, rescue, or inherit), you are making a commitment to care for that animal and that includes feeding, sheltering, loving, and caring for their coat.

How early in my cat’s life should I start having him groomed?

It’s best to start grooming your cat as young as possible. Around 6 months is a good time to start getting them used to having a bath and trimming toenails. If you start grooming your cat at a young age, it will help them throughout their whole lives to be more comfortable with the process.

How often should I have my cat groomed?

I recommend keeping your cat on a regular schedule of every 4 weeks for a bath and brush. The more regular the schedule is, the easier the grooming process is on the cat and the more familiarized they are with it. Also, the more regularly they are brought in, the less shedding they will do in your home.

If your kitty truly will not stand to be bathed, then you could also do a simple brush out and nail trim every 4 weeks.

You should not be repeatedly bringing in a matted cat once a year to be shaved down. It's not fair to your cat to let him get so matted. Imagine if those mats and tangles were on your head or on your child's head! Matting is uncomfortable in that it pulls on the skin and it's unhealthy for the skin in that it does not allow it to breathe. Most of the time when we shave a matted cat, the skin underneath is scaly, flakey, red and inflamed. That is surely a discomfort. Try to do better for this animal that you committed to care for.

Don’t all cats hate baths?

This is a common myth for cats. It’s like saying all dogs hate having their nails trimmed. It’s just not true. If you introduce your cat to the grooming process (bathing, brushing, nail trimming, shaving if desired or if necessary) early enough in their lives, in a calming environment, and have it done regularly, they will learn the process and not be terrified of it. If you wait until your cat is 10 years old and severely matted, he will probably not like having to do it. Most of my cat clients enjoy or don’t mind the process and feel and act confident and happy when they leave the salon feeling clean and soft.

What services do you offer for cat grooming?

At Powder Hounds Grooming Salon, we offer cat baths, brush outs, nail trims, kitty pawdicure, lion’s trim (shave down), sanitary trim (just around the bum and inner thighs), and spot shaves (if you just want a few matted spots shaved out). For more information and prices, visit our Services page.

We typically have 2 people to work on your kitty to help the process be as safe as possible for your cat and for the groomer.

For feline baths, we use a hypo-allergenic shampoo and a cat-safe degreaser shampoo. The water is always prepped to be a warm and gentle stream. Cats may or may not tolerate being hand blow dried. For the cats that do not tolerate it, we have fans on the kennels.

Why does it cost so much to get my cat groomed?

Grooming cats takes a lot of skill, patience, and work. It can be risky for a groomer to groom cats. One slice to the hand or a bite from bacteria covered teeth can be detrimental to one’s career. We also use two people to groom cats, versus only one person for dog grooming. For all those reasons, cat grooming is a more expensive practice than dog grooming.

Is my cat a good candidate to be groomed at a brick and mortar shop such as Powder Hounds Grooming Salon?

We do have requirements for cats getting groomed at Powder Hounds. If your cat is terrified of dogs, bringing him in to a dog and cat grooming salon is not a good idea. The place will smell like dogs and there may even be some dogs in another room, making some noises. We don’t want your cat’s grooming to be a bad experience. We want it to be a good one! I would recommend finding a mobile cat groomer, taking him to the vet, or at least finding a salon that has cat-grooming-only days.

If your cat is over 10 years old and is not used to the grooming process (ie. Has never been groomed before or only once or twice in his life), we recommend taking him to the vet to be groomed. As cats get older, their skin gets thinner, increasing the danger of getting a cut while grooming (if there is shaving involved). Also, a senior cat is more likely to have elevated stress levels while being bathed if he has rarely had a bath before.

If your cat does not like to be handled by even you, his owner, please do not expect him to behave for strangers that are possibly putting him in a more stressful or new situation. Take your ninja warrior kitty to the vet to be groomed safely where he may or may not need a bit of sedation.

Can you sedate my cat at the grooming salon?

No. In the state of Colorado, pet groomers are not permitted nor qualified to administer sedatives to animals, If your cat needs a sedative, take him to the vet's office. If your cat is only mildly anxious, some CBD Oil can help and we are able to give that to your pet if you don't have it at home.

Do you have more questions? Leave them in the comments below or leave a message for us at the salon at 970-846-8335 and we will have one of our cat groomers get back to you.

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