Pet Resources in Steamboat Springs, CO


Pet Kare   970-879-5273

Steamboat Vet Hospital  970-879-1041

Mt Peaks Vet  970-879-7200

Pet Products Stores (food, toys, etc)

Paws 'N Claws 970-879-6092

Outdoor K9 970-761-2278

Elk River Pet and Ranch 970-879-5383

Ace Hardware 970-879-8014



Overnight Kennels


Peace Love Pet Care (downtown Steamboat)  970-879-5683

RK Pet Ranch (Oak Creek)  970-879-5639

Red Rover (south of Milner)   970-879-3647



Dog and Cat Sitters & Dog Walkers


Anna Anderson - Mowgli Bear Dog Training  970-846-9545

Susan Moore (your house)  540-280-2938

Scoopy Doo—Karen O’neill-Dennis (your house)  813-309-4348

Pawsitive Pack—Veronica Malave  305-988-6653

All Creatures Great and Small—Cathy Sears  970-846-4741

Susan Welch (specializes in cats and small dogs) 970-846-3186

Steph Vordemeier (only cat sitting) 970-846-0715


Doggie Daycare


Peace Love Pet Care  970-879-5683

All Creatures Great and Small—Cathy Sears  970-846-4741

RK Pet Ranch 970-879-5639

Dog Walkers

Anna Anderson  970-846-9545

Susan Moore  540-280-2938

Steph Vordemeier 970-846-0715

Scoopy Doo—Karen O’neill-Dennis 813-309-4348

Dog Trainers

Total Teamwork Training--Laura Tyler & Sandra Kruczek 970-629-1507

Mowgli Bear Dog Training and Pet Services--Anna Anderson 970-846-9545

Pet Photography

GTR Photography--Gabriel T. Rogers 303-957-7325 gtrphoto.com

Morning Light Pet Photography--Chris Becea 970-734-5797  mlpetphoto.com

Want to get your name on our Pet Resources List? Stop by Powder Hounds and introduce yourself! I'd be happy to meet you and hear all about your business!

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